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What is Visitor To Canada Insurance plan?

An emergency can come anywhere; it is best to look for an insurance plan for yourself or your loved ones who are visiting to Canada. As we know how expensive is medical and dental treatment expenses in Canada. One more thing is that you are from outside Canada and are not at all eligible for the government plans. So, talking about these insurance plans will help you save your time and money while concentrating on your studies or settling in Canada.

The plan will include your healthcare, hospitalization, Repatriation for 1 year from the date of your policy. Risk Solutions Inc will help you to get the right plan.

What is included in the Visitor To Canada Insurance plan?

You will be provided with a minimum coverage of around $100,000 or up to $300,000 depending upon your age. Also, Travel insurance protects you in case of any medical emergencies, delays, theft or last-minute plan changes.
Our trained, professional assistance personnel are always ready to assist you to offer you the best suitable plan.

When and why should I purchase medical insurance (Visitor to Canada)?

Travelling to different countries can lead you to a medical condition where you need to visit new hospital that you are not aware of. Having an insurance plan makes you free from all the financial expenses at your worst.

When you are visiting Canada or planning to visit Canada you must buy a minimum of $ 100,000 coverage. The insurance policy will start when you are in Canada with a valid super visa as proof of insurance to show to the border services agent.

You can also extend your insurance by calling us before the expiration of the plan. Only you need to make sure that you are in good health and does not have any pending Super Visa.

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