Super Visa Policy – Cancer Patients

What is Super Visa Cancer Patients’ insurance?

We all know how much medical insurance is important when we travelling to a different country. It is always advised to buy insurance before you leave. But what if you are suffering fromCancer? Can you be covered for it?

Every insurance company has its own terms and conditions related to pre-existing conditions. So, getting coverage will depend upon your exact medical condition.

The term and conditions will depend upon the Canadian Insurance company’s definitions, eligibility, exclusions, type of cancer covered, etc. as every insurance company has its own independent offering.

Am I insurable?

To give you the coverage, the insurance company first checks whether you are in stable medical condition or not. If you have been in relief for five years, the insurer will consider that your condition is under control means you are not at risen risk of developing a health problem before or during your trip. The stability period lasts from 3-12 months.

This insurance policy will not provide coverage, or pay claims for expenses incurred directly or indirectly.

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