Critical Illness Insurance

What is Critical Illness Insurance?

Critical illness insurance allows you to get the tax-free payment if you are diagnosed with a serious illness like cancer, heart diseases or stroke. Critical illness insurance helps you recover your debt or other financial issues while coping up with illness as

Younger and healthier you are, the lower will be the premium and the cost deviates considering your age, medical condition, the number of illnesses covered by the policy, the amount of coverage and the insurance company.

Various companies offer critical insurance with their own set of conditions. We offer various insurance coverage, to make you decide the best plan according to needs. If you want to learn more about critical insurance, you can contact our insurance advisor

Illnesses covered by insurance companies:

Critical illness covered by insurance companies includes stroke, heart attack, coma, coronary bypass, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, organ transplant, paralysis, kidney failure, multiple sclerosis, loss of speech, blindness, major organ failure, deafness, Parkinson’s disease, loss of limbs, etc.

Critical insurance is a critical product. Your decision to buy the policy must be made with the help of someone who understands all the policies and packages. Speak to our agent, get full detail regarding the conditions covered by the policy; and then choose accordingly the plan you want to consider.

Why Do You Need Critical Illness Insurance?

Serious health illness is common nowadays. You can find life-altering illness affecting one in three Canadians. If there is something that can help you with your expenses while you recover, nothing is much relaxing than that.

Protect your savings by not settling with other insurance policies to pay for additional medical costs. Just focus on your recovery, stay healthy knowing critical illness insurance can benefit you with your finances.

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