What is non-medical Critical Illness insurance?

Critical illness does not come preparing you in advance but having insurance helps you to get financial help in your crucial time like Depression, Obesity, Multiple sclerosis, Diabetes, Cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, HIV and more.
While buying guaranteed issue critical illness insurance does not require you to give any medical exam. Also, you need not require completing a medical questionnaire.
Our insurance advisors are there to help you at every step to find you the best critical illness insurance.

Why look for no medical critical illness insurance?

A critical illness, like cancer or a heart attack, is a kind of illness that lets you leave you in financial ruin as treatment is much costlier. When you cannot work due to the illness your insurance helps you in a big way to take you out of all the financial crises and make you focus on your speedy recovery.
No medical insurance helps you to get insurance without a medical exam or any questionnaire. It is best if you are unable to get critical illness insurance due to your health.
Now you don’t worry our team is experts in finding you the best possible rate on up to $200,000 critical illness insurance without a medical exam.

Can I get insurance if I have health concerns or pre-existing conditions?

Yes, there are life insurance policies available for Canadians without any medical exam. The choices may be limited but we can help you find the best coverage plan. Insurance plans offer coverage, with some limitations, without requiring a medical exam. But it is worth buying if you do not have any prior medical insurance to get financial help in your hard times.
These types of insurance policies are preferred by people because it’s easier and less time-consuming. Also, because it’s the last option if you have a pre-existing condition.

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