Super Visa Coverage & Date Changes

How super visa date changes are made?

If you take the Super Visa Insurance coverage your start date varies by the policy. Normally, your coverage begins when you depart from your home county or start date or effective date.

Thus, if your start date is your departure date then you will offer an insured coverage en route to Canada while other policies only offer coverage once you arrive in Canada.

While talking about date change” It is common for super visa insurance applicants as it is very difficult to predict when your visa will get approved or denied. But due to the policy, you need to commit the expected date of departure.

To change the date you need to contact your insurance company and there is no limitation for the change of date.

Are there any fees for date change?

There is no charge required for date changes as long as you notify your insurance broker or the company in advance about the changes before the start of the policy.

There are some companies that charge an administration fee for the changes made after the start date of the policy. So, to avoid the administration fees, you must check with your broker to make sure suitable date changes are made prior to the start date of the policy.

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