Snow Bird Insurance

What is Snow Bird Insurance?

In Canada, there are millions of snowbirds who tend to shift to the south due to snowy winters. They shift to the places where they can enjoy the warmth of sunshine instead of being snowed at their homes. You might have covered with government health insurance plan which is limited for 7 months when you are outside the province.
Whereas the snowbird insurance plan provides you with coverage that safeguards you against any health-related issues, injuries, accidents, etc.

What is covered in the snowbird insurance plan?

Snowbird travel medical insurance covers all your medical expenses. If you suffer from an injury or maybe sudden illness while travelling to another country and your condition requires immediate medical attention also you are not in the condition to wait until you are able to return to Canada.

Types of insurance plan:

Single Trip Insurance:

It allows you to take only one trip over a period of 365 days. In this plan, you are covered for a specific period.

Multi-Trip Insurance:

it is best if you want to take multiple trips in a year from the start date of the policy. In this, your number of days per trip is limited usually from 9 days on the low to 60 days. If you want to spend more days then you need to come home at least once to make sure your medical coverage is valid.

Is there any need for a Snow Bird insurance plan?

When we talk about our life, there is always a risk attached to it. Anything can happen anytime, you never know when a medical emergency happens. Instead of a lack of finance to take care of all medical expenses, it’s better to have an insurance plan that will save you from all the financial crises at your worst.
Taking about the medical expenses, we all know how expensive it is in countries like the US, Mexico, etc. So, if you are in one of the US hospitals due to medical emergency and have not taken Snow Bird insurance, you must get ready yourself ready for paying thousands of dollars medical bills.

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