Super Visa Insurance Refund

Can I get a Super Visa Insurance Refund?

In case, you have previously purchased the policy and your visit to Canada is cancelled for some reasons or your visa has been denied or you have returned to your home country early, etc. in all the cases, the partial and full super visa insurance refund is available.

What is the validity period for a Super visa and when can a refund be possible?

The Super Visa insurance policy is normally valid for one full year but the refund may arise if you have returned to your home country earlier. Normally companies refund according to the unused days less an administration fee while others refund the remaining premium despite how many days are left in the policy.

In what situations the refund is possible?

  • If your visa office refuses the Super Visa application in this case 100% super visa insurance refund is available.
  • If there is an early return of your parents/grandparents to your home country and if there is no claim, partial super visa insurance refund is given after deduction of admin fee $ 25 to $ 100 per policy per person. 
  • If the Visa is issued to your parents/grandparents but they decide not to visit Canada and have already taken the insurance plan. In this case, the super visa insurance refund is issued to the applicant minus admin fee per person.


Further, the refund policy will depend upon company to company. So, before buying an insurance policy, you must look carefully at the policy terms and conditions of the company where you are planning to buy the insurance plan.

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