Super Visa Pre-Existing Conditions

What is Super Visa Pre-Existing Conditions?

Super VIsa Pre-Existing condition includes conditions like illness such as Heart conditions, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure etc, injury or any medical conditions due to which the visitor has to meet doctor, need to be hospitalized or some of the medications are prescribed by the physician within a certain period before the effective date of Super Visa insurance.

How to buy Super Visa Pre-Existing Conditions insurance?

Buying Super Visa Pre-Existing Conditions insurance will depend upon your pre-existing conditions. Also, you need to consider the terms and conditions of super visa insurance. There are companies that offer super visa plans that cover your pre-existing conditions for a certain period of time say 3-6 months to approximately 1 year.

Every company has different factors that it will consider. So before buying, you just need to properly read in order to find out if your pre-existing condition will be covered or not. There is no coverage if you have ICD, stroke, congestive heart failure, oral steroids for lung conditions, blood clots, or a heart murmur in the past 12 months and more.

Having super visa medical insurance will help you by financing all your medical expenses to the policy maximum. Also, in addition, the policy covers accidental death.

When does coverage begin?

The coverage will depend upon your departure date, policy purchase date or effective date shown on policy confirmation. And it ends on the date and time you cancel your insurance, the date you become eligible for the Canadian government health insurance plan, on the date you return to your Home Country or the expiry date mentioned on your policy confirmation.

If you want to inquire more and want to know about these insurance plans you can consult our experienced insurance agents. They will advise you according to what suits you best taking into consideration your requirements.

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