Travel Insurance For Canadians

What is travel insurance?

Everyone is fond of travelling in their holidays right!! Are you the one who has saved money for your dream location and finally the time has arrived and you are about to leave for vacation. Before leaving you must have a look at the travel insurance plan. It is best to think about it as it can help prevent any sudden medical emergency from turning your dream holidays into a financial nightmare.

Travel insurance is specially designed to cover all the financial expenses that can arise due to accident or critical illness like doctors’ fees, cost of necessary emergency air transportation, cost of hospital stays, ambulance services and lab tests.

Why there is a need for travel medical insurance?

The emergency will come after taking your approval, so it is best to save you money and invest something which really benefits you if you have to travel to different countries. Our experts are there to handel all your queries and offer you the best emergency care in different parts of the world and free you from worrying about expenses.

Depending upon the type of plan travel insurance can cover you for a single trip, multi-trip to protect you and your vacation from ruining. We also offer a baggage insurance plan. It is best while travelling as somehow if you lost your baggage you can get around $500 to $2000 per consumer depending upon the plan.

What are the eligibility criteria for travel insurance?

When it comes to eligibility criteria there is no age limit factor. All age groups people can apply for plans. The only thing is if you are older than 65 you need to answer some of the questions like medical conditions to make sure you have appropriate coverage possible.

If you want to know more about this insurance plan? You can talk to one of our experts. We are always there to help you with the best suitable plan possible.

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