Travel & Visitors Insurance

What Is Travel Insurance?

While going out we pack all our essentials belongings Right!! Travel insurance is the most essential items that are missing from your bag. For Canadian travellers, Risk Solutions Canada Inc, allows you choosing the right traveller’s insurance plan.

We aim to make our clients feel safe, no matter where their journey takes them. Whether you are visiting Canada, an international student who is in Canada to study, or foreign workers, we can help you out with the best travel insurance plans that will tailor your needs.

Travel insurance helps you pay medical needs like hospital visits, making sure that your medical expenses are taken care of.

Travel & Visitors insurance for you and your visiting friends/family:

International Student Medical Insurance:

Our insurance policy let’s international students studying in Canada to get medical expenses because Dental and Medical treatment is very expensive in Canada.

Travel Insurance for Canadians:

Canadian government health insurance pays only a small part of the expenses to an individual during a trip outside Canada. We help you with various types of insurances- single trip, multi-trip, baggage insurance, and medical insurance.

Foreign Workers Insurance:

When you work abroad, our insurance plan safeguards you and your family with continuous coverage from unforeseen costs due to a medical emergency.

Visitor To Canada Coverage:

If your loved ones are visiting Canada, take or insurance plan, we cover health care, hospitalization, repatriation, etc.

Do I need a Travel/Visitor insurance plan?

When you make any travelling plan, it’s great if you take some time and talk to an insurance advisor to conclude whether or not you need to go for purchasing additional travel insurance. In many cases, the insurance advisor advises you to get travelling coverage with a suitable plan.

If you are travelling with a health condition, get medical care and travel safely with Risk Solutions Inc.
If you are interested to learn more about our travel/visitor insurance policy? You can talk to one of our travel insurance advisors.

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